Strategic Advice

Below is an overview of particular services that we provide. Our portfolio combines preventative and proactive measures to best ensure compliance. Our following specialist services are comprised of:

  • Advice on privacy policies.
  • Advice on good governance.
  • Advice on innovative projects.
  • Advice on how to manage complex data exchanges within an organisation.
  • Privacy complaints and investigations.
  • Problem questions.
  • Setting up secure schemes.


We are of course happy to be contacted for further tailored advice!

Legal Field of Expertise

Our organisation coordinates a variety of services to companies that are seeking new strategies. Our work is cross borders and our fields of expertise vary from:

  • Preparing the legal context for a specific (electronic) service.
  • The translation from the legal context to the application in practice such as professional secrecy, fraud and automated decisions.
  • The implementation of the applicable laws and regulations within your organisation such as:
  • The drafting and implementation of the privacy and data protection policy / investment of the responsibilities.
  • The drafting of the security policy for the processing of personal data.
  • Drawing up a mutual arrangement with joint responsibility.
  • Giving feedback and / or advice on the underlying processes and procedures for demonstrably complying with the GDPR(accountability).
  • Giving feedback and / or advice on the underlying processes and procedures in relation to informed consent.
  • The use of the social security number (SSN), tax payer identification number (TIN).
  • Quality control.

Research, Review and Supervision

At Hooghiemstra & Partners we are happy to review, research and supervise questions related to:

  • Identity management.
  • Legislative opinions.
  • Reviews and evaluations.