Strategic and Managerial Advice

Our team helps you develop strategic and legal solutions for new developments in the tech world. Nowadays, data holds more value than ever before, storing it securely and making sure that it complies with the GDPR is the multidisciplinary approach we stand for. Hooghiemstra & Partners brings parties together to not only better support the systems and standards already in place but to enable an easier implementation of legal solutions and remedies in case of a breach. Our strategic advice includes many areas of law ranging from data breaches, the legality of automated decision making, AI, block chain and e-health amongst others.

Legal field of expertise

At Hooghiemstra & Partners we pride ourselves on excelling in many of the following services: data protection, privacy, cyber security and identity management, artificial intelligence, blockchain, telecommunications and data and health. We therefore provide support and help with any aspect of your business technology, specifically helping clients navigate local laws in The Netherlands and within the European Union.

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Strategic advice

The rapid social and technological developments require new strategic visions and skills. Hooghiemstra & Partners also assists you with governance issues, legal risk management and the process of assessing alternative regulatory and non-regulatory responses available. The latter is done through a good legal socio-economic knowledge of the governmental, business and legal world. Strategic advice is offered through the analysis of problem questions; where we guide our clients through a variety of scenarios and how best to solve the theoretical issue at hand.

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Research, review and oversight

Hooghiemstra & Partners perform evaluations, research, reviews and oversight to governmental and commercial clients. Our independent experts and assessments ensure the integrity of the systems against potential breaches.

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Wij hebben nieuws! Thijs Drouen (voormalig directeur juridische zaken en wetgevingsadvisering Ap) is onze nieuwe collega! 💐Ook starten we met masterclasses ‘AI, recht en ethiek in de praktijk’ en hebben we #vacatures!

Professor Formeel Belastingrecht Diana van Hout hield gisteren haar oratie over de algemene beginselen van binair bestuur. Haar oratie startte met een discussie tussen de robot en de menselijke professor!

NJCM organiseert volgende week donderdag in Den Haag een zeer interessant seminar: de kracht van #AI. Gerenommeerde sprekers uit juridische én de data science wereld olv @MarliesEck: meld je aan (en juristen: word lid!):

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